Commercial Industrial
FutureSentry - Commercial Solutions FutureSetnry - Industrial Solutions
At office buildings, retail centers, ATM machines and other hard-to-patrol businesses, FutureSentry tirelessly stands watch. The robot guides customers and employees. It threatens people with criminal intent. And, facility managers can assign other duties to it. Learn more. FutureSentry helps industry reduce loss and enhance productivity by easing requirements for time-intense access control procedures. Because the robotic guard identifies and gets involved with all unwanted activity, companies can allow normal business traffic to flow freely. Learn more.

Residential Government
FutureSentry - Residential Solutions FutureSentry - Government Solutions
Homeowners can enjoy safety and security without living in a fortress. FutureSentry discreetly patrols beyond property lines and deals with potential intruders before they come close to windows, doors or fences. When activity stops, it quickly and intelligently returns to its post. Learn more. To protect borders and perimeters, taxpayers have spent almost $500 millions on experimental technologies that do not work. FutureSentry is ideally suited to improve security situations quickly at seaport, air, fuel storage, military and other high-risk government facilities. Learn more.