Affordable perimeter security that works
During the last three years, governments have unsuccessfully tried to implement more than $200 million worth of complex perimeter-security technology at national borders, aviation facilities and other important locations. Now that FutureSentry has reported for duty, citizens can employ a proven border guard technology at a fraction of the cost.

Keeping prisoners in was not the problem
Smuggling contraband over and through perimeter fencing ended when FutureSentry began patrolling the perimeter of a medium security federal prison. Prisoners could not get out, but guards could not stop cohorts of inmates from sneaking things. When the officials started around-the-clock auto patrols, the criminals hid until the search vehicle passed and then breach the perimeter.
FutureSentry saw everything, every time and could not be fooled. Any potential smuggler who got within 20 feet of the perimeter fence would be identified and targeted. They stopped trying.