Enhance production & profits
Industrial managers can stop debating the trade-offs between access and security in facilities where slow movement reduces productivity and profits. Because Future Sentry only threatens people who are not supposed to be in its territory, security managers are free to focus on high risk areas.

Vast facilities can now be effectively secured
A copper and aluminum products manufacturer saves more than $4 million annually after FutureSentry was posted at a 700-acre manufacturing plant and thieves stopped hauling away piping and raw materials.
For years, fences, guard dogs, cameras, and patrols meant little to intruders who knew as much about the factory?s security system, as its managers. Yet, they could not predict or understand how – as soon as they approached perimeter fencing – FutureSentry identified and got involved with them.
FutureSentry’s ability to find, follow and harass them at any hour, and at any point along the perimeter, convinced the criminals to pursue easier targets.

Buyers and sellers win when FutureSentry prevents loss
One builder reduced new home prices and sold out a development in record time when supplies and equipment stopped disappearing from the construction site.
When the recession hit, this businessman discovered that cost of theft was the difference between selling affordable housing at a profit or going belly up. The cost of installing FutureSentry robotic guards was the only cost effective option. Cameras and alarms had already proved to be without value.
After FutureSentry robotic guards were installed to monitor unauthorized activity, supervisors learned that valuable resources were being taken by workers, during daylight hours, as well as by thieves after hours. To solve the problem, security systems integrators equipped FutureSentry with a device that sent text messages to more than a dozen trusted team members whenever unauthorized movement was detected in a specified area.