Stop recording & announcing crime; prevent it
Homeowners and residential community leaders can eliminate false alarms, door and window repairs, and annoying motion-sensitive floodlights. With FutureSentry on duty, vandals and thieves retreat before they enter the property.

Burglaries are thwarted politely & discretely
Millions of dollars worth of jewelry and artwork remained secure at a three-acre estate even though the home was unoccupied and an experienced professional burglar had spent three days watching it and planning the heist because FutureSentry was on duty.
Having confirmed that his target was unguarded, the thief cared little about cameras and alarm triggers. He knew how to scale the eight-foot wall and be in and out before police were within 10 minutes of the property.
But, when he was within 20 feet of the wall, the FutureSentry spotted him and shot its piercing light in his eyes. At the same time, a polite voice addressed him, saying:
“Hello, I hope you have not been startled. If you are just passing by, I’ll be glad to light your way.”
The burglar did need or want to hear more. He left quickly.

College students like the way FutureSentry looks at them;
thieves and hooligans do not
Parents of students at a large state university know that their sons and daughters are safe after FutureSentry guards were posted at an apartment complex adjacent to the main campus.
One year earlier, the school purchased and renovated the 1,200-unit facility to provide better housing and improve the declining neighborhood. However, occupancy remained low and the school was losing money because vehicles and apartments were regularly burglarized. The problem continued even though cameras were installed and campus police patrolled regularly.
After installing FutureSentry units, and connecting them to the campus police command center, crime suddenly stopped. Residents returning from campus welcome FutureSentry?s light as it greets and guides them. If students have an urgent need, they can communicate with campus police through FutureSentry?s 2-way audio/video interface.
Thieves tested FutureSentry and did not how it looked at them, so they took their work elsewhere. Only one full semester after FutureSentry took up its post, the complex as 100% occupied.