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The FutureSentry First Responder

Secure the most vulnerable points of your organization with the FutureSentry First Responder. The device is designed to mimic the actions of a security guard to stop crime before it occurs. The unit will patrol and guard access points, warehouses and perimeters 24 hours per day, and track motion when detected to limit loss or damage. It will also continue to track activity until it has left the area to further deter unlawful activity, limit loss and damage, and protect people and infrastructure.

Why FutureSentry First Responder?
Security technologies are valuable at deterring criminal and illegal behavior. It is proven that the visible addition of security cameras to high-crime areas reduces criminal activity significantly. But video surveillance isn’t the only valuable service or system to effectively reduce crime. The presence of security guards also limits illicit activity that leads to loss or damage and regular visible patrols restricts the opportunity for violence.Both solutions are effective in the prevention of crime but there are limitations to these methods. Video surveillance is often not monitored in real-time and therefore, no action is taken to stop an incident before it occurs. At the same time, the role of a security guard has expanded as officers are tasked with more duties on job sites than ever before. Proprietary security teams engage security guards for a variety of tasks including conducting regular patrols, greeting visitors, managing access identities and badges, and investigating suspicious incidents. The increased purview makes it difficult for even the most trained security guard to manage all tasks to the best of his ability.

The combination of security guard patrols and surveillance cameras is an ideal solution for security applications. However, monitoring video and conducting patrols 24/7 is cost prohibitive. The FutureSentry First Responder is an automated detection systems that mimics the actions of a security guard. It is a cost-effective solution that can be used, and proven, to prevent crime before it occurs. It engages in the same motions and movements of a security guard to enable security teams to focus on more critical tasks. The unit also acts as a force multiplier. The FutureSentry First Responder is developed on the idea that intelligent technologies can prevent and deter potentially criminal activity before loss or damage occurs, while speeding up response time. The system can be used to enhance security and safety in the government, commercial, transportation, education and critical infrastructure markets, and are proven to reduce crime in real world applications.

Built-in, motion-based intelligence
Proactive security solution prove to reduce crime
Award-winning, open platform
Advanced IR motion detection sensors
Motorized turret with 360-degree coverage
Video surveillance integration
Alarm monitoring integration
High-intensity LED lighting
Customizable interfaces
Mimics actions of a traditional security guard
Available in a variety of colors for any security application
Distributed worldwide<