Why do we record crime instead of preventing it?
Most law enforcement and security professionals believe there is no cure for crime, so technology and strategies are aimed at crime management rather than true crime prevention.
At FutureSentry, we engineer automated security systems that disrupt potential criminals’ before any breach or damage occurs.
FutureSentry automated guards are at the forefront of a movement to prove that innovative professionals, using ever-improving technology and every other available resource can someday cure crime in the same way that medical professionals have made cures for cancer possible.

Alarms and cameras do not keep people out A piercing and “growling” light
Even when effective, alarms and surveillance cameras come to life after intruders reach or breach a perimeter. By then, they have already committed crimes. FutureSentry convinces them to retreat before they get close. When people enter FutureSentry?s territory, its high-intensity LED light array distracts and disturbs those with ill intent. People moving normally recognize FutureSentry as a protective companion.

Tracks anyone and everyone in its territory
Patented technology drives response Artificial intelligence (US Patent #7327253) drives FutureSentry?s ability to identify and get involved with people moving in the area it is assigned to cover. Each installer easily instructs the robot on the best way to find people and follow them when they come into its territory. When one or more persons enter the covered area, FutureSentry immediately lets them know they have been identified. Then the robot follows orders to action. Those can be as simple as tracking and annoying with its growling lights. They may also include video surveillance, audio responses, live two-way communications, and government or private alert services. Its human-like movements are so natural and convincing that those with harmful motives readily perceive it as a threat. Just as surely, people with normal purposes do not even notice the ever-present guard or see it as an ally.

The first real change of guards, ever! FutureSentry works when . . .
Throughout time — until FutureSentry — nothing other than a human guard could provide all three functions necessary to prevent crime or attack before it gets started.

  • Being visible to potential enemies or criminals.
  • Identifying possible threats and alerting others.
  • Presenting a formidable risk to the success of any attack or intrusion.

Walls, fences, moats, alarms, cameras, guard animals, mines, trip wires and every other non-human device have been able to provide one or two of those functions.FutureSentry is the first and only technology to do all three.

Because FutureSentry identifies people and gets involved with them before they near a protected area — as far as 1,000 feet from the robot?s post ? when it does its job successfully, nothing happens. Criminals trigger alarms and surveillance technology becomes useful only when a crime is already in progress. Often when current technology minimizes shrinkage and helps prosecute criminals, total cost of each incident far exceeds the on-site loss. When FutureSentry is on guard, reported incidents reduce by 80% – 90%. FutureSentry goes to work before a break-in starts and intelligently assumes its normal patrol as soon as the area is clear, eliminating incident follow-up costs as well as crime itself.