Experience FutureSentry on duty

Because FutureSentry differs from all previous security technology, you must experience the robot in action to understand how and why it prevents crime. Browse our video gallery to see how FutureSentry handles different scenarios and is perceived by the people it protects, as well as those it keeps at bay.

The most dependable guard ever

See how FutureSentry improves any security scenario, inheriting a time-honored duty to defend people and property.

Stopping criminals in their tracks

Enter the mind of a criminal to understand why FutureSentry is the only surveillance technology that prevents crime.

Keeping employees safe
A dedicated corporate staffer explains why FutureSentry provides a ‘blanket of security’ when she works long hours.

Security without slowing production

See why industry wins when access and security are no longer mutually exclusive when FutureSentry is on duty.

A fresh approach to residential security

False alarms and annoying lights are replaced by intelligent involvement when FutureSentry protects neighborhoods.

Better, more affordable homeland security
Our Government video will be released soon!Our Government video will be released soon!

FutureSentry Product Information

FutureSentry is an always-on robotic intrusion detector that targets, intimidates and threatens potential criminals so that they go away before causing damage or loss.
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FutureSentry Product Information

FutureSentry’s patented artificial intelligence can be adapted for an unlimited number of applications in Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Government markets.
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FutureSentry Product Information

Company leaders are law enforcement, intelligence and security veterans. FutureSentry’s founder invented the first proven crime prevention technology 25 years ago.
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